International Journal of Advanced Education and Research

ISSN: 2455-5746

Vol. 1, Issue 1 (2016)

Philosophy of Inclusion – Problems and Challenges

Author(s): Dr. Pallvi Pandit, Sanjeev Kumar Mishra
Abstract: The right of every child to education is proclaimed in The Universal Declaration of Human Right; besides, education is also a fundamental human right. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Children all stipulate that the right of everyone to education is the responsibility of the whole world. As is well known the most difficult point in universalizing the compulsory education lies in education for the disabled, especially in poverty-stricken areas. If a breakthrough can be made in this respect, it will be conducive to achieving the ideal of education for the whole world. Education for the disabled has undergone three stages, i.e., isolation, integration and inclusion. In developing areas, education for the disabled should follow all the three stages step by step or it is possible to go directly to inclusive education, is the concern in question. The above is a common problem that needs further exploration. An important prerequisite for inclusive education is have respect for differences, respect for different learning styles, variations in methods, open and flexible curricula and welcoming each and every child. In other words, inclusive schools are learner-centered and child-friendly. There is also a need to shift in perspectives and values so that diversity is appreciated and teachers are given skills to provide all children, including those with different learning needs, quality education. All parents want their children to be accepted by their peers, have friends and lead “regular” lives. Inclusive settings can make this vision a reality for many children with disabilities. When children attend classes that reflect the similarities and differences of people in the real world, they learn to appreciate diversity. This paper attempts to analyze the concept, philosophy, problems and challenges of inclusive education towards achievement of equity for students with disabilities. It will also explain the nature of barriers that are confronted in inclusive education and suggest the measures for its successful implementation. The challenge of getting all children into school has been put on the political agenda in many countries and is now accorded a global status in educational institutions.
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