International Journal of Advanced Education and Research

ISSN: 2455-5746

Vol. 1, Issue 12 (2016)

A study on the challenges of small scale industry

Author(s): Raju Malappa, Dr. Ashok P Pudale
Abstract: The concept of 'small scale industry' is not only new to India but also practicing in the age old traditional systems in the ancient period. The definition of small scale industries are changing its central idea and have been shaped in the planning period. Since then it was maintained till the year 2006. These units have been merged with “Micro, small and Medium Enterprises” (MSME). The act clearly dived into two categories of industries; one is enterprises engaged in the manufacturing of production of goods pertaining to any industry, also another is, in the case of enterprises engaged in providing or rendering of services.
Pages: 61-63  |  987 Views  315 Downloads
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