International Journal of Advanced Education and Research

ISSN: 2455-5746

Vol. 1, Issue 2 (2016)

Attributes and Utility of Smart Phone: Affecting Buying Decision with Reference To Lucknow City

Author(s): Arpit Shailesh, Dr Taruna
Abstract: In today’s century, Communication is one of the gifts of human. It acts as a propeller for the advancement of knowledge, a source of wisdom and the telescope to view the hallucination of the future. The rural sector of India has an important part in mobile revolution. In various aspects, mobiles have influenced many parts of India from communication to business. The current research focuses on the specifications affecting the purchasing behaviour of smart mobiles and usage pattern smart phones of consumers in Lucknow city. Communication, therefore, is kingpin of a trade. For this research, the descriptive research method has been used. The information related to Smartphone consumers were collected through a well-defined questionnaire. The convenience sampling method was used by the researcher to collect the data. Primary as well as Secondary sources of data was used. The sample size is 100. With the help of (SPSS) software, the data collected was modified, coded and administered. The arithmetical tools are used for F-Test and T-Test. There is a major difference between the gender of the respondents and the level of satisfaction of smart phone users. The difficulties faced by the smart are Hanging of phone, problem of charging, Language of phone, Battery life of phone, Slow internet, Network issue, Call Drop, High call rates, Improper support from call centre, Complex Technology, etc.
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