International Journal of Advanced Education and Research

ISSN: 2455-5746

Vol. 1, Issue 2 (2016)

Usefulness of relaxation technique in the rehabilitation of sports injuries

Author(s): Dhirender Kaim, Shilpi Jain
Abstract: When involved in sport, athletes are often experiencing immense physical and psychological pressure, and as a consequence the likelihood of experiencing negative outcomes such as injuries is amplified. Sport injury rehabilitation has developed into being a multifaceted process, and as such, those medical professionals working with athletes on a day-to-day basis need adequate skills to facilitate both physical and psychological healing for any treatment to be effective. Researches had shown that a numbers of psychological intervention can be useful during rehabilitation process and there is a link between the use of psychological skill and healing. In that context the aim of this research paper is to introduce, and discuss one of the most used psychological intervention i.e. Relaxation Technique for the rehabilitation and management of the sports injury. There are also several types of relaxation techniques are used in sports injuries rehabilitation but for the purposes of this research paper, only the three central relaxation techniques which are most widely used as psychological intervention in sports injury (i.e., breath control techniques, PMR, and passive relaxation) are discussed in detail. Research paper concluded that, Slow breathing technique has been acknowledged as having stress-relieving properties, deep breathing has been proposed as being one of the simplest and effective ways to control pain and anxiety during rehabilitation, PMR has been proposed as best suited for athletes who are unaware of the level of tension in their bodies, and where that tension is seen as facilitator for pain and general physical discomfort, and passive relaxation has been proposed as most suited to athletes with low or moderate levels of muscle tension that are using relaxation to achieve an overall sense of calm and physical relaxation.
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