International Journal of Advanced Education and Research
International Journal of Advanced Education and Research
Vol. 2, Issue 1 (2017)
This research aimed at finding out students and teachers perception about factors contributing to the decline in students’ performance in mathematics in Asesewa Senior Secondary School in Manyakrobo District (Upper). The researchers narrowed their attention on how do students and teachers perceive resources motivation to learning as a factor inhibiting students’ performance in mathematics. Descriptive survey design was used because the study objective was to collect information from respondents on the bases of what contributes to the poor performance of students in mathematics in the District. A total sample size of 150 mathematics teachers and students were used for study. Data collection was done through distribution of questionnaire and were analyzed using SPSS. The major findings of the study were: male performance been better than female performance but in cases where motivations were made in any form, the female performance overtook or came to level equal to the male performance. Also mathematics teachers and students showed a very strong positive response that student’s motivation to learn mathematics will be one of the better factors towards the improvement of student’s performance in mathematics.
Finally the study reveals that, with respect to gender on the part of teachers and students there were no significant difference in the perception of males and females on the motivation to learn.

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