International Journal of Advanced Education and Research

ISSN: 2455-5746

Vol. 2, Issue 6 (2017)

A study of teaching attitude in senior secondary school teacher in Haryana

Author(s): Arti Kaushik, Urmila Goel
Abstract: Teaching is an activity, a unique, creative, rational and human activity. It is called not only art, but most difficult to all arts and profound to all subjects. Teaching is therefore and intricate, complex and conscious activity. The teacher personality plays a very important role in the teaching learning process. Teacher’s attitude towards teaching is most important aspect for teaching. Teachers having high degree of teaching attitude seem to be more effective in comparison to others. The present research is designed to study the teaching attitude of teachers working in government and private schools. A sample consists of 400 teachers, out of which 200 were governments and 200 were privately managed teachers of senior secondary schools. Standardized test were used for assessment of reaching attitude in school teachers. Correlation was used as a statistical tool for inferential analysis on the collected data. It was found that Government and private schools teachers are strongly correlated with each other.
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