International Journal of Advanced Education and Research

ISSN: 2455-5746

Vol. 3, Issue 4 (2018)

Effect of lumbar paraspinal muscle fatigue on ankle proprioception

Author(s): Mohamed A Mohamed, Rania N Karkousha, Maher A El Keblawy
Abstract: Background: Proprioceptive information plays an important role in joint stabilization, body coordination and proper function in activities of daily living. Muscle fatigue may alter active repositioning accuracy and might have an effect on the joint function and predispose to injury. Objective: This study was conducted to investigate the effect of lumbar paraspinal muscle fatigue on ankle joint repositioning accuracy on healthy subjects and the effect of sex difference on ankle joint active repositioning accuracy before and after lumbar paraspinal muscle fatigue. Methods: Fifty subjects (males and females) were recruited from the students of faculty of Physical Therapy Cairo University. They were assigned into two equal groups A and B with their mean ages were (25.13±3.8) and (27.93±5.8) years respectively.Ankle joint active repositioning accuracy was measured before and after lumbar paraspinal muscle fatigue for both groups using 3 pro-isokinetic Biodex system. Results: The study revealed that there was no significant difference in pre and post mean values for lumbar muscle fatigue in ankle joint active repositioning errors in both males and females, where P-values were (0.549, 0.518) respectively while there was significant difference between males and females in ankle joint active repositioning error where P-value was (0.019). Conclusion: Female ankle joint repositioning accuracy is statistically less accurate compared with male healthy subjects.
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