International Journal of Advanced Education and Research

ISSN: 2455-5746

Vol. 3, Issue 4 (2018)

Status of Ragi, Mahua and Maize in Jharkhand for PDS

Author(s): Vikash Prakash
Abstract: As Anshuman Das, programme manager with Sustainable Integrated Farming Systems (SIFS) programme at the South Asia office of Welthungerhilfe, is a Germany-based non-profit organization, says the introduction of millet management in PDS is urgent to revive the traditional food culture in India. “Indian food was never about just wheat and rice. But the green revolution made it so. If millets are promoted and managed under PDS, it will help revive the traditional nutritional food habits in various parts of the country.” The government of India has declared Millets as ‘Nutri-Cereals’ for production, consumption and trade point of view. According to the Agriculture Ministry,' millets actually hold great potential in contributing substantially to food and nutritional security along the whole country and thus they are not only a powerhouse of nutrients but also are climate-resilient crops and possess unique nutritional characteristics as well as anti-diabetic properties and reduces the postprandial blood glucose level. The government of Jharkhand with the help of ' Jharkhand State Food Commission, Ranchi, (a quasi-judicial authoritative regulatory body constituted under section 16 of National Food Security Act, 2013) 'has also tried to introduce millets (Especially Maize and Ragi) with some another regionally available nutritious grains such as ' Mahua' in PDS, Midday meal and Anganwadi centres. This study is based on Jharkhand's status of production, procurement and distribution in terms of these grains. So, they have conducted the study based on it. This paper also argues that every people have the ' Right to Health' so, they must consume healthy nutritious food. After all, the government of Jharkhand should provide millets and value-added products of Mahua to ensure health security in entitled people. They should also give the initiative to the farmers to grow these grains, without it, implementation of food security act and provide better health facility is not possible.
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