International Journal of Advanced Education and Research

ISSN: 2455-5746

Vol. 3, Issue 6 (2018)

Land ownership and correlated problems in the post war period: A sociological study of prevailing dilemmas on land tenure of civilians in conflict affected areas

Author(s): Samarakoon MT
Abstract: Those historic anecdotes clearly indicate that the dawn of time, wars and battles have had a significant impact on the course of history. Even in the context of Sri Lanka all ethnic groups of Sinhala, Tamil and Muslims from North to South had to face enormous amount of adversities due to the long-drawn-out war emerged by reasons of ethnic crises that prevailed for three decades. Despite the fact, that Sri Lanka after bringing the war into an end commenced accelerated move on reaching its development targets yet, the country had to face certain distresses internationally. The main cause of such assertion is the exposure of information on the disarray of resettling the returnee families those who were displaced because of the war. One other factor was the lateness of the process of resettlement. The main objective of this study was to execute a research based analysis in pertinent to the problems of land ownership and the complications encountered in the process of resettlement. This study was focused in Pudukuduirippu Divisional secretariat division in Mullaitivu district under random sampling method having selected 167 informants for the sample. Information collected through a questionnaire also joining Focused Group Discussions (FGDs), and observations, The software titled SPSS, Excel was used to analyze the data. The study revealed the status prevailed during the war time and the current setting such as; number of members in a family, status of the ownership of land in the past and the current, utility of those, availability of proven documents, procedures adopted to assign ownership, current ownership of land and the ways how problems occurred are resolved.
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