International Journal of Advanced Education and Research

ISSN: 2455-5746

Vol. 4, Issue 1 (2019)

Assessment of public and private sectors contributions towards the provision of infrastructural facilities in technical colleges in Rivers State, Nigeria

Author(s): Deebom Mtorma Bari Tam Bari, Zite Baridoolenu Ngor, Kooli Ledornu Promise
Abstract: This study assesses the contributions of public and private sectors in providing infrastructural facilities in Technical Colleges in Rivers State, Nigeria. The study adopted the descriptive research survey design. The study was conducted within four Technical Colleges in Rivers State with a population of 398 respondents comprising of 64 teachers and 334 VOC III students. Simple random sampling technique was used in selecting 231 respondents (Teachers = 49 and Students = 184). Three research questions were answered while two null hypotheses were formulated and tested in this study. The instrument used for data collection was a structured questionnaire titled “Availability and Provision of Infrastructural Facilities in Technical Colleges Questionnaire (APIFTCQ)”. APIFTCQ was validated and a reliability coefficient of 0.81 was obtained using Pearson Product Moment Correlation. Descriptive statistic of frequency and percentage was used to answer research question 1 while Mean with Standard Deviation was used to answer research questions 2 and 3. It was found that that majority of the facilities were available while few were not available in Technical Colleges in Rivers State. Provision of infrastructural facilities was to a high extent by public sector while private sectors provisions of infrastructural facilities were drastically low. It was recommended among others Provision of infrastructural facilities in Technical Colleges should be a collaborative effort between the public and private sector, since government cannot adequately fund technical colleges due to other financial commitment; there should be a diversified means to fund the college such as percentage from Value Added Tax (VAT), Education Tax Fund (ETF) etc, other private sectors such as NGOs, CBOs and philanthropist can form a collaboration to contribute towards the facilities in technical college in Rivers State.
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