International Journal of Advanced Education and Research

ISSN: 2455-5746

Vol. 4, Issue 4 (2019)

Research on how to use mathematics textbooks reasonably in mathematics teaching in China

Author(s): Runjie Miao, Zezhong Yang
Abstract: Mathematics textbooks are the process of dredging and reorganizing the content of subject with syllabus as a system, which embodies the key and difficult points of teaching content. Mathematics textbooks, as the most important reliance and teaching resources of teachers and students, play an irreplaceable role in transferring mathematical knowledge, carrying out teaching activities, achieving teaching objectives and cultivating students' core literacy of mathematics. Therefore, it is necessary for us to reform mathematics education in accordance with the concept of current curriculum standards, to explore how teachers should use textbooks rationally, how to develop and utilize mathematical materials on the basis of respecting textbooks, and how to make the classroom glow with vitality. In recent years, many front-line teachers and university scholars have conducted extensive researches on how teachers use textbooks from different perspectives, and obtained many research results. Generally speaking, they mainly studied three aspects of teachers' "learning" textbooks, "researching" textbooks and "creating" textbooks. These studies provide a reference for teachers to use and deal with textbooks reasonably. In order to further promote the study of better use of textbooks in mathematics teaching, this paper will make a summary from three aspects: "learning" textbook, "researching" textbook and "creating" textbook. For teachers, it helps front-line teachers better understand the intention of editors, fully explore the potential value of textbooks, and creatively use textbooks. For students, it can also promote the cultivation of students' core literacy and prepare further research in the future.
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