International Journal of Advanced Education and Research

ISSN: 2455-5746

Vol. 4, Issue 6 (2019)

Improving quality in Education: The relevance of selection and acquisition of instructional materials in teaching-learning process

Author(s): Nwankwo Ngozi Beatrice, Oriji Abraham
Abstract: quality in Education: The relevance Prior before now, teachers were perceived to have encyclopedic knowledge. That is, the teachers are assumed to know everything, and anything they don’t know do not exit. Teachers’ effectiveness at that period rested on his knowledge of the subject matter, the knowledge of how to organize and present content meaningfully, and his understanding of those being taught Okorie (1979). However, new technologies or innovations demand new pedagogy. Recent researches show that learners learn effectively with the use of instructional materials, especially that which arouse their senses. Consequently, at this time of knowledge explosion, and new methods of teaching that is learner-centered, as well as the influx of new media into the education sector, and subsequent government financial squeeze, there is need to properly select and acquire instructional materials that will meet the instructional objectives of today’s learners. Also, in order to meet the varying needs of the learners and learning styles, teachers no longer solely rely on words to convey their meanings to learners. Thus, it becomes paramount to apply various instructional materials in our teaching/learning process in order to make meaning more vivid and interesting (Nacino-Brown, Oke and Brown, (1992). Hence, this paper addressed the need for quality education through effective selection and acquisition instructional media for the 21st Century learners. It identified various reasons advanced for inclusion of media in teaching/learning process, and a number of other factors considered before the selection and acquisition of a particular instructional media for instruction. As well, the types and classification of instructional were not overlooked, and standard criteria for selection of instructional media were tackled by the authors.
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