International Journal of Advanced Education and Research

ISSN: 2455-5746

Vol. 5, Issue 1 (2020)

Acquisition and utilization of information and communication technology in the administration of secondary schools in Rivers State, Nigeria

Author(s): Wordu Hillary, Kwata Barinua Eric
Abstract: The study examined the extent to which information and communication technology resources were acquired and utilized in the administration of public senior secondary schools in Rivers State. Four research questions guided the study and four hypothesis were tested at 0.05 level of significance. The study adopted the descriptive survey research design with a population of 741 administrative staff (Principals & Vice principals); and a sample of 254 was drawn with the aid of Krejcie and Morgan’s sample size determination table. A self structured questionnaire titled “Questionnaire for utilization of information and communication Technology in schools” was used in eliciting information from respondents. The instrument was validated, and a reliability index of 0.83 was obtained by Pearson Product Moment Correlation test-rested scores. Out of the 254 copies of questionnaire sent out, 252 copies were properly filled and returned, 2 copies were damaged. The research questions were answered using mean and standard deviation, while the hypotheses were tested using z-test statistics. The findings revealed that the extent to which ICT resources were acquired was poor; it also revealed that the adopted managerial strategies in the use of ICT resources don’t seem to be working in Rivers State Secondary Schools. Hence the following recommendations were made: (i) Public senior secondary schools’ administrators in conjunction with the state Ministry of Education should endeavour to make useful efforts/polices that will promote the use of ICT resources.(ii) more ICT libraries should be opened to enable school administrators have access to internet.
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