International Journal of Advanced Education and Research

ISSN: 2455-5746

Vol. 5, Issue 4 (2020)

The improvement of education quality in Jayapura through the evaluation of school operational assistance funding regulation

Author(s): Abner Herry Bajari, Rahmad Agung Nugraha
Abstract: This study aims to evaluate the policy of school operational assistance funds in the city of Jayapura by looking at outputs and outcomes, as well as looking at the phenomena of supporting factors and inhibiting factors in the field. As a policy process, this school operational assistance fund evaluation policy assesses whether the policy or program is going well or not. School operational assistance program is a program that helps provide funding for non-personnel operating costs of the school, but there are still some personnel financing that can still be paid from the school operational assistance fund. In this study, the type of research used was descriptive research with a qualitative approach. The research informants were the stakeholders that directly involved with the research problem, i.e. related parties from educational institution. The research data used were primary data and secondary data. Data collection techniques were observation, interviews, and documentation to illustrate the implementation of School Operational Assistance funds for elementary schools and junior high schools in Jayapura City by using evaluations on their effectiveness, efficiency, adequacy, leveling, responsiveness, and accuracy. Based on the six criteria above, it can be seen that the objectives of the School Operational Assistance Funds policy are going well. However, it has not been optimal in its implementation, it has not been able to show an increase in good and excellent education services in Jayapura City.
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