International Journal of Advanced Education and Research

ISSN: 2455-5746

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Influence of parental involvement on academic achievement
Pages: 01-04  
Study on fresh weight/dry weight percentage of Vigna radiata (L.) R.Wilczek (Green gram) in the selected tree canopy soil related with urban greening in Nirmala college campus, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, South India
Pages: 05-08  
Phytosociological studies of the selected sacred grove in Kannur district, Kerala
Pages: 09-12  
Issues and Concerns of working Mothers at Government Schools
Pages: 13-16  
Surya Namaskar or ‘Sun salutation’: A way to happiness
Pages: 17-20  
Agriculture production trends in SPSR Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh
Pages: 21-25  
A descriptive study to assess the nutritional status of preschool children in urban and rural community at Karnal
Pages: 26-28  
A comparative study of depression among athletes of Mumbai University Mumbai and Gondwana University Gadchiroli
Pages: 29-32  
नव वैष्णव आन्दोलन और शंकरदेवः एक अध्ययन
Pages: 33-38  
Education for sustainable development: Challenges and barriers
Pages: 39-42  
Emotional instability among half widows of Kashmir valley: A socio-psycho analysis
Pages: 43-45  
A study of academic achievement of high school students in relation to their parental encouragement
Pages: 46-50  
A study of computer phobia among senior secondary school teachers
Pages: 51-53  
Physical & psychological hazards faced by child labour: Constitutional provisions
Pages: 54-57  
Relevance of Swami Vivekananda's views in the 21st century's education
Pages: 58-61  
The role of information and communication technologies in teacher education
Pages: 62-64  
Creativity: A new dimension in blooms taxonomy
Pages: 65-68  
i;tzs f;zx eztb dk Bktb “ GtkBh” L gqrshtkdh;[o ns/ Bkoh u/sBk
Pages: 69-70  
Obesity: A Call for Health Consciousness
Pages: 73-76  
Comparison of agility among handball players of different playing position
Pages: 77-78  
ध्वनिसम्प्रदाय का काव्यशास्त्रिय अध्ययन
Pages: 79-80  
महीप सिंह की कहानियों में प्रेमानुभूति
Pages: 81-83  
रीवा जिले के ग्रामीण विकास में स्वरोजगार योजनाओं का प्रभाव-एक आर्थिक विश्लेषण (स्वर्ण जंयती स्वरोजगार योजना, महात्मा गाँधी राष्ट्रीय ग्रामीण रोजगार गारन्टी योजना, मध्यप्रदेश एवं प्रधानमंत्री रोजगार योजना के विशेष संदर्भ में)
Pages: 84-86  
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