International Journal of Advanced Education and Research

ISSN: 2455-5746

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An assessment of students’ performance in national examinations in relation to schools’ assessment policies: An inquiry of secondary schools in Trans-Nzoia County, Kenya
Pages: 01-05  
Does providing exemplars to students lead to a change in their grades? An examination of the available data on this question
Pages: 06-09  
अर्थापत्ति का स्वरूप और प्रमाणत्व
Pages: 10-12  
Iqbal`s concept of man
Pages: 13-16  
Mobile technologies: A threat on performance potential of secondary school students
Pages: 17-19  
Hemispheric dominance and its relation with quantitative aptitude among secondary school students
Pages: 20-21  
Commercial print media and history in colonial India
Pages: 22-24  
A model for predicting academic success at lower primary school level: The significance of nursery school attendance
Pages: 25-32  
सांख्य दर्शन में ईश्वरवाद
Pages: 33-34  
A study on service quality and its impact on customer’s preferences and satisfaction towards Reliance JIO in trichy region
Pages: 35-41  
A study on the influence of service quality on retail store image with reference to organized retail sector, Trichy
Pages: 42-47  
A study on challenges of enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation in manufacturing industry
Pages: 48-51  
A study on performance evaluation mutual fund schemes in India
Pages: 52-55  
Impact of demonetization on automobile sector: Special reference to commercial vehicle industry
Pages: 56-60  
The role of integrated programme in education and rehabilitation of students with visual impairments: An evaluation on academic performance
Pages: 61-65  
A study of problems in education of girls at primary level in Delhi
Pages: 66-67  
The need for administrative effectiveness of the principals at secondary level
Pages: 68-70  
Do school teachers understand inclusion?
Pages: 71-72  
Information and communication technology (ICT): A magical wand in researcher’s world
Pages: 73-76  
Development and validation of tool to measure the attitude of the higher secondary students towards values
Pages: 77-80  
A study on achievement motivation of higher secondary students in Coimbatore district
Pages: 81-84  
Imam-Al-Gazzali (As an educational thinker)
Pages: 85-86  
A review of socio-political and economic factors influencing secondary school history and government curriculum implementation in post-conflict Kenyan societies
Pages: 87-91  
Frequency of use and students’ favourite audio visual media in teaching and learning of kiswahili language in public secondary schools in Nandi central sub county, Nandi county, Kenya
Pages: 92-98  
A study of self esteem and teaching skills among arts and science prospective teachers
Pages: 99-102  
A comparative study of anthropometric characteristics of national volleyball players of selected state
Pages: 103-106  
Violence and cruelty: A comparative study of Medea and the vultures
Pages: 107-109  
भट्टिकाव्य एवं पाणिनीय व्याकरण के ध्वनि विचार का तुलनात्मक अध्ययन
Pages: 110-111  
बहसांस्कृतिक शिक्षा की अवधारणा एवं छात्र अध्यापकों के दृष्टिकोण का अध्ययन
Pages: 112-115  
Stress management among College students through Buddhism
Pages: 116-117  
न्यायिक सक्रियता एवं कार्यपालिका
Pages: 118-123  
True Picture of Hindu Manners: Understanding Early Orientalist Readings and Renderings of Indian Literature and Culture
Pages: 124-126  
A study on attitude of primary school teachers towards inclusive education
Pages: 127-130  
Women Empowerment: Role of Meaningful Educational Opportunities
Pages: 131-136  
The many faces of exile in Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay’s The Ghost of Gosain Bagan and Father Gabriel’s Crypt
Pages: 137-142  
Women Empowerment: Need of modern era
Pages: 143-144  
पाणिनीय व्याकरण में अधिकार विवेचन
Pages: 145-146  
Article-vise Provisions in Religion related Issues
Pages: 147-150  
Depiction of the Theme of Truth and Illusion in Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night
Pages: 151-152  
Status of women’s in the 18th century’s English society
Pages: 153-154  
Address the voice of “Debarred”: A reflection on the work of Mahatma Phule and Omprakash Valmiki
Pages: 155-158  
A review article on no detention policy and its impacts on different schools boards in West Bengal
Pages: 159-161  
प्राचीन व्याकरण में पद एवं शब्दराशि का महत्त्व
Pages: 162-164  
Quality education, no-detention and rte act, 2009: some insights
Pages: 165-166  
Inclusive education for children with special needs: Developments and Practices
Pages: 167-169  
Potential and challenges of e-commerce in India
Pages: 170-173  
Scientific perspective of Indian cultural practices
Pages: 174-178  
Significance of the institutions of lambardars, tehsildars and patwaris in the operation of the mahalwari system
Pages: 179-184  
Twenty five percent reservation in private schools under RTE Act: Problems and priorities
Pages: 185-188  
Construction and standardization of adjustment inventory for M.Ed students
Pages: 189-191  
Social and electoral bases of United Russia Party
Pages: 192-194  
Summarizing the impacts of demonetization on Indian economy
Pages: 195-199  
Career preferences and academic performance: A gender based study
Pages: 200-203  
Student alienation among college students in relation to their (restrictive-permissive) parental behaviour
Pages: 204-211  
A critique on the role of the teacher through Vygotskian perspective
Pages: 212-214  
SC/ST welfare activities of social welfare department in Karnataka state
Pages: 215-220  
Reservation policy in India and development of its implement school attendance
Pages: 221-223  
Quality concerns in teacher education: An analysis
Pages: 224-226  
Level of deprivation and poverty patterns in haryana: A district-wise analysis
Pages: 227-235  
The sunrays: the key factor of life
Pages: 236-240  
Incertitude, curfew and unrest: A study of retrograded education system of Kashmir valley
Pages: 241-242  
A study of achievement in mathematics of ninth class adolescents with regard to gender and type of school
Pages: 243-245  
A comparative study of the achievement in English of the students of class x in rural and urban govt-aided schools of murshidabad (West Bengal)
Pages: 246-249  
Online shopping: A study of awareness among youth
Pages: 250-252  
Influence of print technology in building national consciousness in colonial south India
Pages: 253-255  
Depiction of down trodden in ‘coolie’
Pages: 256-257  
Academic achievement of education subject among high secondary level students in nadia district, West Bengal
Pages: 258-261  
Self- concept of the secondary level students in relation to gender stream and locality
Pages: 262-263  
Academic administration in privately managed senior secondary schools in Delhi
Pages: 264-266  
Perception of Muslim divorcee women towards their status in Kashmir
Pages: 267-271  
Stress and adjustment of women representative in politics
Pages: 272-274  
राजभाषा हिन्दी और कंप्यूटर
Pages: 275-276  
द्विवर्षीय अध्यापक शिक्षा में प्रशिक्षुता कार्यक्रम : सहयोगी विद्यालयीन शिक्षकों के प्रत्यक्षीकरण
Pages: 277-281  
सामाजिक समावेशन: चुनौतियाँ एवं समाधान
Pages: 282-283  
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