International Journal of Advanced Education and Research

ISSN: 2455-5746

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Elder abuse and its legal provisions in India
Pages: 01-03  
Factors affecting implementation of early childhood development education in public Centres in Imenti South district, Kenya
Pages: 04-10  
Effect of laboratory teaching method on students’ achievement and retention in basic science in federal capital territory Abuja, Nigeria
Pages: 11-17  
Use of Metacognitive learning model in improving academic achievement of physics students
Pages: 18-20  
Study of emotional maturity of adolescents in relation to their adjustment
Pages: 21-25  
Use of systematic approach to training in radiological safety and nuclear security education
Pages: 26-29  
बौद्धकालीन शिक्षा के प्रमुख तत्व
Pages: 30-32  
Patanjali an Indian FMCG: A case study on Patanjali dropping sales & failure
Pages: 33-35  
A roadmap of short-term proficiency courses in English at undergraduate level
Pages: 36-39  
The Instrumental enrichment program (IEP), a proposal educative intervention in eating habits of overweight and obese children
Pages: 40-44  
रीवा जिला में माध्यमिक विद्यालयों के अंग्रेजी माध्यम के कला वर्ग और हिन्दी माध्यम के विज्ञान वर्ग के छात्राओं के मानसिक सजगता का तुलनात्मक अध्ययन
Pages: 45-47  
साहित्यकार की प्रतिबद्धता और साहित्य में प्रति-सौंदर्यका अध्ययन
Pages: 48-49  
Discrimination of women in a situation of disabled person with respect to their socio-professional integration in the 7th borough of the city of Cotonou
Pages: 50-56  
Development of physical teaching materials based on mind map concept with multimedia to improve student learning results
Pages: 57-61  
Android-based learning media to improve physics learning outcomes of class X MIA students at bitung 2 high school
Pages: 62-67  
Instrument of science practice guidelines based on discovery learning to increase learning outcomes and process skills in remboken AT SMP Negeri 1 Remboken
Pages: 68-72  
मुक्तिबोध के काव्य का तुलनात्मक अध्ययनः समकालीन कवियों के संदर्भ में
Pages: 73-75  
Reviewing needs of the mediocre in classrooms: A subtle approach
Pages: 76-77  
A study to assess the effectiveness of structured teaching programme regarding knowledge on dietary management of renal calculi among patients with renal calculi in Rmmch, Annamalai University
Pages: 78-79  
Teacher education in west Bengal with special reference to privatization
Pages: 80-86  
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